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Elisapie Isaac's Biography

Elisapie Isaac

Elisapie Isaac was born in the far north in Salluit, Nunavik, from an Inuk mother and a father from Newfoundland. She was adopted at birth and raised by an Inuit family in keeping with strong, traditional Inuit values. It is precisely this duality that has prompted her to travel, to keep moving.

Yet, even the vast boundaries of the far north have not been enough for her. So she set out for Montréal to study communications and eventually launched a documentary tour of the world polar circle. This experience convinced her of her need to express herself, to be open to all influences, all experiences, while keeping her proud Inuit values.

For Elisapie, it is crucial to stay connected to simplicity and authenticity.

In 2002, in addition to pursuing her career in music, Elisapie Isaac is directing her own documentary with the National Film Board. In between music and film, she has found the perfect balance of free expression. Driven by her strong instinct, her journey beyond the polar boundaries has just begun.

Elisapies's Stories

The following is a list of Elisapie's stories and a short description.

1 The Importance Of Traditional Storytelling
Elisapie talks about the importance of traditional storytelling in the modern world.
2 Life In The North
Elisapie talks about life in the North and northern languages.
3 A Role Model
Elisapie talks about her thoughts on being a role model for young people.
4 Accomplishment Through Art
Elisapie shares her thoughts on her accomplishments in art and her thoughts on her culture.


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