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A Role Model

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I believe that we shouldn’t just talk. I could talk to them, but I think I will now take the responsibility of being a role model. I had difficulty with that, but now its okay. I was often with the kids. I worked with them; I love being around kids. They are my inspiration, so all I give is love for them. All I could give, is give them a little bit of words when I’m with them and give a little bit of compassion to them, and try to see from their point of view.

I think I could try to send a message to them, but what the message is what I'm doing and who I am, and that’s all I can give to them. It's hard to think, “Oh, I have to help them and I have to..." The way I'm going to help them is try to think of something they can do, so they can feel responsible, so they could feel they are making something in their life in projects. I believe in prevention programs, I believe in art programs, and I believe in trying to find all the money in the world so kids can move and we can get them to move their hands. We could get them to get up from the routine of going to school and going home and not having anything to do. I think that’s the biggest problem we have in the north.

I really believe that no matter how old I get, or how far I get in life or wherever I go, I think the kids will always be my hope. There is so much hope in them and it gives me chills just thinking of that. Yeah, they're little flowers, the wild flowers in the north, and sometimes we forget to take care of them and we forget to water them and we forget to appreciate them.

They have to keep dreaming; you have to dream. The more you dream of impossible things that you may think are impossible, the more life is interesting. You know, you have to have this sort of dreams and I know that not everyone is born with talent. You have to build them and I think hopefully with this film or the album that I'm going to come out with in the spring. In the fall, I hope that they could just be proud and I hope they’ll sing along and I hope they’ll laugh, and that’s all I can give to them.


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