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First Nations

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First Nations Stories

Picture of Cree men from the Saddle Lake area in Alberta.First Nations people (both status & non-status) are the descendants of the original inhabitants of the country now known as Canada. Wishing to expand its territory in the new land, the invading British forces made "treaties" with the indigenous peoples they found there.

These "treaties" promised a great number of things to the original peoples in exchange for them literally giving up an entire way of life and the freedom to move unchallenged throughout their traditional territories. Today's First Nations peoples are the descendants of those who made the treaties with the newcomers. First Nations peoples are considered sovereign people distinct from Canadian, Metis and Inuit peoples.

Our First Nations Stories

  Stories by Darlene Auger

Photo of Nellie Carlson   Stories by Nellie Carlson

Photo of Allen Jacob   Stories by Allen Jacob

Photo of Melvin John   Stories by Rosa & Melvin John

Photo of George Leach   Stories by George Leach

Photo of Lawrence Martin   Stories by Lawrence Martin

Photo of Leona Shirt   Stories by Leona Shirt

Photo of Warren Winnipeg   Stories by Warren Winnipeg

Photo of Winston Wuttunee   Stories by Winston Wuttunee


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