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First Nations

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First Nations Storytellers

Picture of tipisFirst Nations peoples have rich oral traditions. Stories, teachings, and prophecies have been passed down intact over thousands of years of strict oral teachings. The very identity of the people is contained in their creation stories and teaching lessons. The importance of storytelling, and therefore of traditional language, to the First Nations people, can never be overestimated.

We are fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to present these gifted First Nations storytellers and their stories on this website. By clicking on their names, you can view their biographies and the stories that they have contributed to this website.

Our First Nations Storytellers

Photo of Darlene Auger Darlene Auger's Biography
Darlene is Cree, originally from a small northern community called Wabasca in Alberta.
Photo of Nellie Carlson Nellie Carlson's Biography
Nellie M. Carlson is a revered and well-respected Elder in the Aboriginal community.
Photo of Allen Jacob Allen Jacob's Biography
Allen is Dène from Cold Lake First Nation.
Photo of Melvin John Rosa & Melvin John's Biography
Rosa and Melvin John use performance as a teaching tool for Native culture and history.
Photo of George Leach George Leach's Biography
A multi-talented artist, George was raised in the Sta'atl'imx Nation, located in the mountains of Lillooet, British Columbia.
Photo of Lawrence Martin Lawrence Martin's Biography
Musician, father and grandfather; Wapistan (Lawrence) is Cree from Moose Factory Reserve located in Ontario.
Photo of Leona Shirt Leona Shirt's Biography
Leona was raised in a traditional manner and lives her life in service of others and her community.
Photo of Warren Winnipeg Warren Winnipeg's Biography
National Native Role Model, Warren Winnipeg is from the Siksika Nation, in Alberta.
Photo of Winston Wuttunee Winston Wuttunee's Biography
Winston Wuttunee (Eagle Tail Feather) is a Cree entertainer from the Eagle Hills of Saskatchewan.



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