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A Word To Aboriginal Youth In Music

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For Aboriginal young musicians coming up, for me, the one of the things that I was taught to do was play to express not to impress.

So stay true to yourself and that’s kind of what I do all the time.

When I first picked up the guitar, I told myself right then and there, “I’m going to try to find my own style and my own voice instead of trying to be like Jimmy Hendrix or Steve Vaughan," or whoever it is you want to be like. Because no one can be like Jimmy Hendrix.

I mean definitely be influenced by looking through different types of styles of music. I definitely get influenced, but for the most part, my main focus was to find my own voice. For me, that’s the purpose of art to find you own voice and say what you want to say. So again, that all ties into staying true to yourself and just being yourself.

I guess I would say that, I mean follow your dreams definitely, go for it, it takes lot of work, a lot of discipline, a lot of sacrifice. You have to stay in on weekends and practice your craft. Dedicate yourself to what you love to do because it will back you up when you need it.


George's Stories

The following stories are by George Leach.
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George talks about how his father had an impact on his life and his career.
2 Traditional Culture And Music
George talks about the relationship between his traditional childhood and the influence it had on his music.
3 A Word To Aboriginal Youth In Music
George gives some advice to aspiring Aboriginal musicians.
4 Jump Into The Lake
George tells a story about his childhood relationship to culture and beliefs.
5 A Traditional Childhood?
George talks about his childhood: the traditional and non-traditional aspects.




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