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A Traditional Childhood?

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Was I raised traditional? I would say partially, "yes" and partially, "no". Because I think, where I come from a lot of the traditions, a lot of the songs, not necessarily the songs, but a lot of the dances weren’t being practiced that much when I was growing up.

Now when I do go, a lot of the youth are going back to learning the songs and stuff, which is really nice to see, I learned a lot of the songs and stuff.

Sweat Lodge? I was raised in the Sweat Lodge, raised on a lake. I would say "yes", and "no", I grew up on the reserve and stuff and everything that comes along with that, that’s how I grew up.


George's Stories

The following stories are by George Leach.
1 His Role Model
George talks about how his father had an impact on his life and his career.
2 Traditional Culture And Music
George talks about the relationship between his traditional childhood and the influence it had on his music.
3 A Word To Aboriginal Youth In Music
George gives some advice to aspiring Aboriginal musicians.
4 Jump Into The Lake
George tells a story about his childhood relationship to culture and beliefs.
5 A Traditional Childhood?
George talks about his childhood: the traditional and non-traditional aspects.




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