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Inuit Stories

An inukshukAcross the northern coast of the Arctic Ocean, among the myriad arctic islands, and points inland, the Inuit of Canada have told stories that make up an important part of Inuit culture. As an original people distinct from the Métis and the First Nations of the south, Inuit people have a truly unique cultural perspective on life. The north presents unique challenges and the Inuit have created ingenious solutions to solve them throughout their history. These traditional ways are very much alive and a part of the contemporary Inuit culture. Traditional foods like seal, musk ox and whale, otherwise known as "country food" still form a significant part of an Inuk's diet. Inuit art is highly prized and sought after by collectors all over the world.

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to share the stories of some wonderfully gifted Inuit storytellers. Their stories are presented in this section.

Our Inuit Stories

Photo of Elisapie Isaac Stories by Elisapie Isaac

Photo of Michael Kusugak   Stories by Michael Kusugak

Photo of Tanya Lukin   Stories by Tanya Lukin


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