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Leona Shirt's Biography
Picture of Leona Shirt

Leona Shirt is a highly educated, retired civil servant who has helped her community in many ways.

She has 3 children, 2 boys and a girl followed by several grandchildren. She is now doing her MBA in her never-ending quest for knowledge and goals.

She was raised in a traditional fashion and she had numerous siblings and chores.

Leona has done countless things for the people around her and in her community, where she volunteers her own time at various events.

She tells a story of a hunting trip as well as a bit about her personal life.


Leona's Stories

The following stories are by Leona Shirt.
1 Growing Up In Saddle Lake
Leona talks about her childhood in Saddle Lake.
2 Community Life
Leona talks about some of her experiences in her past, in her community and her life.

Two Shoes And A Moose
Leona tells a hunting story of providing for and receivng in return.



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