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Growing Up In Saddle Lake

Pictire of Louise Shirt.

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Hello, my name is Leona Shirt. I'm from Saddle Lake First Nation. I do speak Cree. My late parents, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Shirt were originally from Goodfish Lake.

They raised ten kids, two of them were brothers and there was eight of us girls, and I was the 7th girl in the family. I am the second youngest.

My parents made us do things that were important. They felt that would give us life sustaining skills. My father would make sure each one of us knew how to ride a horse, since we were living on a farm and on many occasions I would go rabbit hunting with my father.

As a child he would carry me on his back and coming back we would put the rabbits in a gunny.



Leona's Stories

The following stories are by Leona Shirt.
1 Growing Up In Saddle Lake
Leona talks about her childhood in Saddle Lake.
2 Community Life
Leona talks about some of her experiences in her past, in her community and her life.

Two Shoes And A Moose
Leona tells a hunting story of providing for and receivng in return.




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