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Story Of The Flag

Metis flags
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Well the Métis flag was actually the very first flag of Canada, because back in the old days when they used to fight, it was the union jack against the big star American flag. The Métis developed their flag mostly to identify themselves as to which trade company they worked for.

The infinity sign means “forever" or "forever gone.” So the Hudson Bay, this is what they used to do, the Hudson Bay used to have the red flag background, and that's how they’d identify, and the Northwest Company used the blue background, but both companies were mostly run by the Métis, the voyageurs, and fur buyers, and trappers and that kind of stuff.


Lyle's Stories

The following stories are by Lyle Donald.  
1 Metis: Mixed Blood
Lyle defines "Metis" and explains the history behind the name.
2 Gabriel Dumont And Louis Riel
Lyle talks about the two famous Metis leaders.

Origins Of The Sash
Lyle explains where the Metis sash came from.


Story Of The Flag
Lyle talks about the history of the Metis flag.


The Fiddle
Lyle talks about the fiddle's importance to Metis cultural, and how that came to be.


Metis Dancing
Lyle talks about the origins of Metis dance: how it mixed from other cultures to become what it is today.


The Michif Language
Lyle explains about the Michif language: origins and its use today.

8 The Red River Cart
Lyle tells us where the Red River cart came from.


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