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The Red River Cart

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The Red river cart was a European cart. Actually it came to Canada and the Metis were the ones that first started rebuilding the cart, because the cart that was used for hauling across the rugged land and it could take a pretty good beating and it was something that was terribly easy to make backing the old days.

Its just a matter of knocking down a tree and putting the different pieces together and a lot of times when the carts were made they were never used nails or anything like that, what they used to do was grove the different spokes into the wheels and that kind of stuff. So nothing, no nails were used or anything like that on a cart back then.


Lyle's Stories

The following stories are by Lyle Donald.  
1 Metis: Mixed Blood
Lyle defines "Metis" and explains the history behind the name.
2 Gabriel Dumont And Louis Riel
Lyle talks about the two famous Metis leaders.

Origins Of The Sash
Lyle explains where the Metis sash came from.


Story Of The Flag
Lyle talks about the history of the Metis flag.


The Fiddle
Lyle talks about the fiddle's importance to Metis cultural, and how that came to be.


Metis Dancing
Lyle talks about the origins of Metis dance: how it mixed from other cultures to become what it is today.


The Michif Language
Lyle explains about the Michif language: origins and its use today.

8 The Red River Cart
Lyle tells us where the Red River cart came from.


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