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A Colourful Crowd

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Metis people are very colourful people, and we take all that from our First Nations side. Knowing that, very colourful it always kind of like a show, like competition as to whom dressed the best. One of my earliest memories at Christmas time, when everybody goes to midnight-mass, they would dress up their horses and they would decorate these harnesses and their horses were just beautiful. You know, it was kind of like who can do the best, who had the best. It was that kind of like, now its like who has the best car, at that time, it was horses. Everything was based upon on your horses; it was a really good experience there.



Marge's Stories

The following stories are by Marge Friedel.  
1 The Metis Community
Marge talks about what its like to be a part of the large Metis community.
2 A Colourful Crowd
Marge tells a memory she has of decorating horses with beautiful colours.

A Big Family
Marge talks about being related to many people in one area as part of the Metis commuity.


Lake Saint Anne
Marge talks about the tradition of Lake Saint Anne.


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