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Melvin and Rosa John

Short History of Kehewin Native Performance 2003
Kehewin Native Performance began in 1993 when Melvin and Rosa John began using performance as a teaching tool for Native culture and history. They used their training in theatre, music and dance to provide a venue for Native youth to express themselves. Since then they have developed a touring company that has travelled throughout Canada, the U.S., Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, and Italy.

In 2003, Kehewin Native Performance will be celebrating 10 years of providing performances, dance and theatre workshops and hosting several youth conferences, festivals and the first Aboriginal Dance Symposium.

Kehewin Performers Throughout the years there have been two motivating factors. One is to bring first class performances to Native communities and two is to keep providing youth with a positive alternative in the arts. These are both accomplished by training youth in communities throughout Canada and securing the youth are creating, writing composing and choreographing

In theatre and dance Kehewin works with the body, voice, group building, character development and scene creation. Before a piece is written, the youth research the subject, by using personal experiences as well as oral and written research. They create scenes surrounding the theme and the research. They do this by improvising. This allows a safe environment to try out new things.

The performances that Kehewin is now touring are HEALING TIMES a dance show about the effects of residential schools and those who triumphed in the spite of the school they experienced. TRICKSTER TRILOGY a humourous collection of Trickster stories performed with large masks and Dancing the RED PATH, a show that teaches the history of several Pow Wow dances while demonstrating each one.


Melvin and Rosa's Stories

The following stories are by Melvin and Rosa John.
1 Storytelling Is Sacred: Rosa
Rosa gives her thoughts on the sacred art of stoytelling.
2 Storytelling Is Sacred: Melvin
Melvin gives his thoughts on the sacred art of storytelling.

The Act Of Storytelling: Rosa
Rosa explains what she aims to accomplish when she tells a story.


The Act Of Storytelling: Melvin
Melvin explains what he aims to accomplish when he tells a story.


The Importance Of Storytelling
Melvin talks about why storytelling is important to him.


Pride In Storytelling
Rosa talks about how pride is important when telling stories.


Humor In Storytelling
Melvin explains why humor is so important in storytelling.

8 Healing Through Storytelling
Melvin talks about how healing occurs through storytelling.


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