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Storytelling is Sacred: Rosa

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I believe that storytelling is completely a sacred act for many, many reasons, but I think that one of the important realities of sharing the story is that you share it from the heart. You share it from your soul, and when your doing that, that’s a sacred act. It’s almost like when you share your feelings. That’s a sacred act, so I guess yes, in that way, its really, really sacred.

Also, a lot of these stories also a lot of these stories can be told only a certain time of the year, so you have to make sure you pay attention to that: when can you tell the story. And the sacredness of the story is its power, and its power is where and when you say it and how you say it, you have to make sure you say it in the right way.

One of the things that we do its we try to mix some music and dance with our storytelling and I think that this even underlines that sacredness is our dance and our music is sacred to us so yes defiantly storytelling is a sacred act.


Melvin and Rosa's Stories

The following stories are by Melvin and Rosa John.
1 Storytelling Is Sacred: Rosa
Rosa gives her thoughts on the sacred art of stoytelling.
2 Storytelling Is Sacred: Melvin
Melvin gives his thoughts on the sacred art of storytelling.

The Act Of Storytelling: Rosa
Rosa explains what she aims to accomplish when she tells a story.


The Act Of Storytelling: Melvin
Melvin explains what he aims to accomplish when he tells a story.


The Importance Of Storytelling
Melvin talks about why storytelling is important to him.


Pride In Storytelling
Rosa talks about how pride is important when telling stories.


Humor In Storytelling
Melvin explains why humor is so important in storytelling.

8 Healing Through Storytelling
Melvin talks about how healing occurs through storytelling.


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