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Storytelling is Sacred: Melvin

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I guess for me as a storyteller, I view myself as a young person telling these stories, because a lot of time traditionally, it was told by the elders and grandfathers and the grandmothers who passed these stories on to our children and now a lot of that from the institutions with in our schools the elders are no longer there.

So we have to take on that responsibility of that sacred act of telling these stories; and, yes, this is a sacred act of telling, but at the same time we have to go back and realize the origin, that these were our grandparents and grandfather's sacred act through are life time of learning.

Melvin and Rosa's Stories

The following stories are by Melvin and Rosa John.
1 Storytelling Is Sacred: Rosa
Rosa gives her thoughts on the sacred art of stoytelling.
2 Storytelling Is Sacred: Melvin
Melvin gives his thoughts on the sacred art of storytelling.

The Act Of Storytelling: Rosa
Rosa explains what she aims to accomplish when she tells a story.


The Act Of Storytelling: Melvin
Melvin explains what he aims to accomplish when he tells a story.


The Importance Of Storytelling
Melvin talks about why storytelling is important to him.


Pride In Storytelling
Rosa talks about how pride is important when telling stories.


Humor In Storytelling
Melvin explains why humor is so important in storytelling.

8 Healing Through Storytelling
Melvin talks about how healing occurs through storytelling.


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