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The Act Of Storytelling: Rosa

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I guess what I would like to accomplish also, is the memory. It's important that we’re remembering the stories to, you know, pass them on to their children and their grandchildren. It's also important that they understand the reason behind the stories.

There's a story about Trickster loosing his eyeballs, in that story the lesson behind it is never told to the audience, but the audience has to figure it out. You have to be able to listen to instruction or something bad would happen.

These are the themes, and these are the historical qualities that we think are really important for the audience to understand.

Melvin and Rosa's Stories

The following stories are by Melvin and Rosa John.
1 Storytelling Is Sacred: Rosa
Rosa gives her thoughts on the sacred art of stoytelling.
2 Storytelling Is Sacred: Melvin
Melvin gives his thoughts on the sacred art of storytelling.

The Act Of Storytelling: Rosa
Rosa explains what she aims to accomplish when she tells a story.


The Act Of Storytelling: Melvin
Melvin explains what he aims to accomplish when he tells a story.


The Importance Of Storytelling
Melvin talks about why storytelling is important to him.


Pride In Storytelling
Rosa talks about how pride is important when telling stories.


Humor In Storytelling
Melvin explains why humor is so important in storytelling.

8 Healing Through Storytelling
Melvin talks about how healing occurs through storytelling.



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