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Métis Storytellers

Photo of a red river cartOne of the benefits of being located in the western region of Canada is the rich Métis history and culture that is alive and flourishing in communities all the way to the pacific ocean.

Métis culture figures prominently in Canadian history. The Métis people are recognized as one of the founding peoples of Canada, and they are mentioned as one of the original peoples of Canada in the Canadian constitution.

We are fortunate enough to have been able to listen to and record the following Métis storytellers. By clicking on their names, you can view their biographies and the stories that they have contributed to this website.

Our Métis Storytellers

Photo of Lyle Donald Lyle Donald's Biography
Lyle Donald leads the Edmonton Métis Cultural Dance Society.
Photo of Marge Friedel Marge Friedel's Biography
Marge is a Métis elder from Edmonton, Alberta.


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