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Michael Kusugak's Biography

Michael Kusugak is Inuit and was raised in Repulse Bay in the Northwest Territories. Michael is a Storyteller and author of many children’s books.

When he first started writing, he used to only write in his spare time, until he met Robert Munsch. Robert Munsch offered Michael some suggestions and encouragement of his Inuit style of work.

As a child, he loved listening to the stories his grandmother told him. Storytelling is a great tradition within his family and is the true inspiration in his work. He grew up living a traditional way of life, living in sod huts and igloos and speaking only Inuit.

Michael lives in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, where he continues to write his books. As well, Michael sometimes tours, entertaining audiences and conducting storytelling, plays and playing string games that his grandmother taught him.

Michael's Stories

The following stories are by Michael Kusugak.
1 A True Storyteller
Michael talks about his storytelling audience and how his childhood life influenced that.
2 Inuit Heroes
Michael talks about some different Inuit heroes.
3 Inuit Language
Michael talks about his Inuit language and it's enduring strength.
4 Inuit Elders
Michael talks about protocol when talking to Inuit Elders, and their willingness to share the tradition of stories.
5 Reviving Stories
Michael talks about his goal when he tells stories: to bring the tradition and word back to the people.


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