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Inuit Language

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Yeah, the language is really, very strong. Well, it depends on where you go, like some of the bigger communities like where I live there are so many people from you know the outside world, that English is more the common language.

But we still have like my mother and some of the elders who don’t speak any English at all so and we still have to communicate with them. So the children actually listen, you know, understand quite a lot of Inuktitook in some of the smaller communites they speak practically nothing but Inuktitook except in


Michael's Stories

The following stories are by Michael Kusugak.
1 A True Storyteller
Michael talks about his storytelling audience and how his childhood life influenced that.
2 Inuit Heroes
Michael talks about some different Inuit heroes.
3 Inuit Language
Michael talks about his Inuit language and it's enduring strength.
4 Inuit Elders
Michael talks about protocol when talking to Inuit Elders, and their willingness to share the tradition of stories.
5 Reviving Stories
Michael talks about his goal when he tells stories: to bring the tradition and word back to the people.


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