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Inuit Elders

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Not really. I think, you know, the elders who remember these stories are only too willing, you know, to tell them over and over again.

And I mean they are just too happy for somebody to ask them, you know, to tell a story because they are in the same predicament that I am in that if they don’t tell the stories the tradition will die and with the death of tradition, you know, the whole culture dies and I think that’s really sad.

It's very hard when you go someplace like you know the western coast of B.C. and you go into some of these Native communities and they are struggling so hard to get their culture back that they lost and it's like starting all over again and I think our elders are so determined too for that not to happen they wanna keep that tradition alive.

I think, you know, they are only too happy when people to ask them to tell these stories of coarse, you know, they would like to be paid too. I think the keeping the tradition alive is more the priority than getting paid.


Michael's Stories

The following stories are by Michael Kusugak.
1 A True Storyteller
Michael talks about his storytelling audience and how his childhood life influenced that.
2 Inuit Heroes
Michael talks about some different Inuit heroes.
3 Inuit Language
Michael talks about his Inuit language and it's enduring strength.
4 Inuit Elders
Michael talks about protocol when talking to Inuit Elders, and their willingness to share the tradition of stories.
5 Reviving Stories
Michael talks about his goal when he tells stories: to bring the tradition and word back to the people.



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