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Reviving Stories

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My goal has always been, like since I started this back in the late 80's, is to bring the stories to the people, because when you think about it; in every house there is a tv and all those tvs are tuned to Hollywood and, you know, down south, you don’t catch any programming from up north so the tvs don’t tell any stories, you know, any of the traditional stories.

So I want to try to bring that back. I want to tell the traditional legends that’s what I do and that’s an absolutely wonderful way because when I travel, the kids are so used to having seeing something happen.

When I get them sitting on the floor in front of me as I start to tell them stories, I create the pictures in their minds, you know, because I don’t use any props at all and I just tell the stories and so I am creating the pictures in their minds and, you know, to imagination.

I think they begin to see what my world is like and what my world was like you know when I was a little kid and I think they really really appreciate that without having to see it on tv I think for them its really relaxing.


Michael's Stories

The following stories are by Michael Kusugak.
1 A True Storyteller
Michael talks about his storytelling audience and how his childhood life influenced that.
2 Inuit Heroes
Michael talks about some different Inuit heroes.
3 Inuit Language
Michael talks about his Inuit language and it's enduring strength.
4 Inuit Elders
Michael talks about protocol when talking to Inuit Elders, and their willingness to share the tradition of stories.
5 Reviving Stories
Michael talks about his goal when he tells stories: to bring the tradition and word back to the people.


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