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Nellie M. Carlson

Nellie M. Carlson is a revered and well-respected Elder in the Aboriginal community. Nelly shares with us some of the experiences that she has had over the years, one in which she discusses being an Elder and the other about how her love of dancing got her in trouble.

She had nine children followed by several grandchildren.

Nellie is the Elder at Amiskwaciy Academy in Edmonton, Alberta. Nellie feels that today’s Aboriginal Youth are more angered and troubled. She feels that if these Aboriginal Youth start attending ceremonial gatherings more often (roundances, sweat, etc.) this will strengthen the Aboriginal community.

Nellie's Stories

The following is a list of Nellie's stories and a short description of each.

1 Being An Elder
Nellie talks about what it is like being an Elder and working with Amiskwaciy Academy.
2 Family Ties
Nellie talks about her stepfather and her mother, and how they had a massive impact on her life.
3 On Dancing
Nellie talks about her love of dancing and continues her story to tell us about getting stuck in the mud!



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