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The Aboriginal Cultures & Traditions Storytelling Web Site

About Us

About The Aboriginal Youth Network

The Stories

First Nations Stories

Darlene Auger

A Vision Of Healing

The Traditional Cree Swing

A Healing Therapy

Nellie Carlson

Being An Elder

Family Ties

On Dancing

Allen Jacob

A Message For Youth

A Loss Of Culture

The Importance of Education And History

Rosa and Melvin John

Storytelling Is Sacred: Rosa

Storytelling Is Sacred: Melvin

The Act Of Storytelling: Rosa

The Act Of Storytelling: Melvin

The Importance Of Storytelling

Pride In Storytelling

Humor In Storytelling

Healing Through Storytelling

George Leach

His Role Model

Traditional Culutre And Music

A Word To Aboriginal Youth In Music

Jump Into The Lake

A Traditional Childhood?

Lawrence Martin

Winning A Juno

It's In The Heart

Leona Shirt

Growing Up In Saddle Lake

Community Life

Two Shoes And A Moose

Warren Winnipeg

A Career In Healing

Faith In Family

Winston Wuttunee

About Winston

Learning A Language

A Story Of Weesakeechuk

Metis Stories

Lyle Donald

Metis: Mixed Blood

Gabriel Dumont And Louis Riel

Origins Of The Sash

Story Of The Flag

The Fiddle

Metis Dancing

The Michif Language

The Red River Cart

Marge Friedel

The Metis Community

A Colourful Crowd

A Big Family

Lake Saint Anne

Inuit Stories

Elisapie Isaac

The Importance Of Traditional Storytelling

Life In The North

A Role Model

Accomplishment Through Art

Michael Kusugak

A True Storyteller

Inuit Heroes

Inuit Language

Inuit Elders

Reviving Stories

Tanya Lukin

About Tanya

On Storytelling

Inuit Culture And Contemporary Storytelling

Approaching Elders

Inspired To Tell Stories

The Storytellers

First Nations Storytellers

Darlene Auger

Nellie Carlson

Allen Jacob

Rosa and Melvin John

George Leach

Lawrence Martin

Leona Shirt

Warren Winnipeg

Winston Wuttunee

Metis Storytellers

Lyle Donald

Marge Friedel

Inuit Storytellers

Elisapie Isaac

Michael Kusugak

Tanya Lukin



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