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The Storytellers

Aboriginal cultures across Canada rely on oral teachings for their existence. Storytelling has always been a vital part of the cultural identity of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada. Stories were told to teach lessons, strengthen cultural ties, to entertain, and to keep history alive!

Picture of Aboriginal artNow let me take this opportunity to explain the word "Aboriginal". Aboriginal was a word created to include First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples of Canada. However, each group self-identifies as separate peoples with unique heritages, languages, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs. Even within the First Nations there are hundreds of languages, customs, practices and beliefs.

We are grateful to all our wonderful storytellers for taking the time to share with us their stories. For additional interest, we have provided storyteller biographies along with introductions to the stories.

Find out more our First Nations storytellers, our Métis storytellers and our Inuit storytellers by exploring this section of the web site. Clicking the links will bring you into the world of the indigenous people of this country.

Imagine the richness of a culture that used stories not only to entertain, but to teach. Stories could bridge the gap between generations and transport the young people to a place that they might never experience for themselves. It was even better then T.V. or movies today! Enjoy!



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