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Tanya Lukin's Biography

Tanya Lukin

Tanya’s home is a small, isolated fishing community, named the Native Village of Port Lions, located on Kodiak Island, Alaska. She is a proud member of the Alutiiq Nation. Her family, the Lukins, Sheratines and Knagins, are originally from the Native Village of Afognak, which was destroyed in the 1964 earthquake and subsequent tsunamis (a tidal wave caused by earthquakes underwater).

Tanya tells traditional and contemporary Alutiiq stories in the form of modern dance, song, theatre, and poetry, and has practiced her craft for twelve years. She is an honors graduate of Stanford University in California (B.A., 1998), a graduate of the Indigenous Theatre School in Toronto, the Aboriginal Dance Training Program and the Aboriginal Dance Performance Program at The Banff Centre for the Arts (2001-2002).

Tanya believes in the power of indigenous stories: to honor our past, to root our people culturally, and to ignite our imaginations towards a more peaceful and exhilarating tomorrow. Tanya’s favorite stories to tell her daughter are traditional Alutiiq stories from Afognak Island, Alaska.


Tanya's Stories

The following stories are by Tanya Lukin.
1 About Tanya
Tanya talks about her village, her childhood and her family.
2 On Storytelling
Tanya talks about the meaning of storytelling.
3 Inuit Culture and Contemporary Storytelling
Tanya talks about how she includes Inuit culture in her contemporary storytelling.
4 Approaching Elders
Tanya talks about the importance of approaching Elders for stories and knowledge.
5 Inspired To Tell Stories
Tanya talks about how she got into storytelling, and what kind of storytelling she does.


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