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About Tanya

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My name is Tanya Lukin and I'm from the Native village in Port Lions, which is located on Kodiak Island in Alaska. But traditionally my family Lukins, Sheratines, and Knagins are from the Native Village in Afognak, which is north of Kodiak, its own island.

Where I’m from we’re traditionally a sea baring people we fish lots, traditional we whaled but we don’t do that any more. Today we eat all kinds of things from the ocean.

Today my dad is still a subsistent hunter and fisherman. Subsistence is very, very important. Subsistence means living off the land. So my dad is still doing that, practicing that. I’m learning, to traditionally how to fish for different kinds of salmon: red salmon, silver salmon. We smoke that and go through the process and the other processes of working with the fish and teaching my daughter.

My people are the Alutiiq people. Alutiqq is kind of related to the Inuvik people of Alaska. In Canada it would be called Inuit. We’re related to them but were are own people. I think we're also related to a Aluit people the ocean chain and all that stuff. So but again we are our own people, we are the Alutiiq people.


Tanya's Stories

The following stories are by Tanya Lukin.
1 About Tanya
Tanya talks about her village, her childhood and her family.
2 On Storytelling
Tanya talks about the meaning of storytelling.
3 Inuit Culture and Contemporary Storytelling
Tanya talks about how she includes Inuit culture in her contemporary storytelling.
4 Approaching Elders
Tanya talks about the importance of approaching Elders for stories and knowledge.
5 Inspired To Tell Stories
Tanya talks about how she got into storytelling, and what kind of storytelling she does.


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