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On Storytelling

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Well, storytelling, or many parts of storytelling, or many aspects of storytelling. Some of them are that: they teach us about our traditional ways. They kind of educate us about our ancestors and their ways that things were in the past. But it also tells us you know there’s sometimes really funny stories or kind of tragic stories that teach you the inappropriate ways to behave.

There are different kind of stories and I think stories are important because the value in these stories are still applicable to today.




Tanya's Stories

The following stories are by Tanya Lukin.
1 About Tanya
Tanya talks about her village, her childhood and her family.
2 On Storytelling
Tanya talks about the meaning of storytelling.
3 Inuit Culture and Contemporary Storytelling
Tanya talks about how she includes Inuit culture in her contemporary storytelling.
4 Approaching Elders
Tanya talks about the importance of approaching Elders for stories and knowledge.
5 Inspired To Tell Stories
Tanya talks about how she got into storytelling, and what kind of storytelling she does.


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