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Thunderbird Park

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Tour of Thunderbird Park, Victoria

1.Carving Studio
2.Cumshewa Pole
3.Kwakwaka'wakw Heraldic Pole
4.Kwakwaka'wakw House Post
5.Thunderbird Park Name Post
6.Kwakwaka'wakw Heraldic
7.Mungo Martin House
8.Gitxsan Memorial Pole
9.Gitxsan Memorial Pole
10.Nuxalk Grave Figure
11.Nuxalk Grave Figure
12.Gitxsan Memorial
13.Haida Memorial Pole
15.Haida Mortuary Pole


In 1940 a handful of old totem poles were erected on a vacant lot at the corner of Douglas and Belleville streets as a part of conservation efforts to preserve and display some of the Northwest Coast's rapidly deteriorating art. That lot became known as Thunderbird Park. By 1951 the original poles had become severely decayed. To remedy the situation, the provincial government invited the late Chief Mungo Martin to be head carver of the Totem Restoration Programme. After Martin's passing in 1962, renowned native artist Henry Hunt carried on the programme as head carver. Richard Hunt and Tim Paul succeeded Henry Hunt until the end of the programme in 1992. Other artists to work as part of the programme include Lawrence Bell, Simon Charlie, Doug Cranmer, David Gladstone, Godfrey Hunt, Tony Hunt, Gerry Marks, David Martin, Frank Puglas, Bill Reid, Paul Sam, Art Thompson, Joe Wilson and Ron Wilson.

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