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Amendments to the Compensation for Destroyed Animals Regulations

March 30, 2011: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is increasing the maximum amount that may be paid to producers whose poultry is ordered destroyed during a disease outbreak.

The amended Compensation for Destroyed Animals Regulations, which are effective immediately, raise the maximum amounts so that compensation better reflects the true market value of poultry.

For example, farmers were formerly compensated up to $8 per chicken raised for egg production. The maximum amount is now $30. Compensation for turkeys raised for breeding purposes was previously capped at $90 per bird, but that amount has now increased to a maximum of $250.

Ducks, geese and pigeons are not included in the current regulatory amendment. Consultations with producers of these species are ongoing. The same market-based model of compensation will be used to determine if adjustments are needed for these species.

Compensation is an important tool used by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to encourage early reporting of outbreaks. The goal is to rapidly identify all exposed premises, and to trace and destroy all infected poultry in order to limit the spread of the disease and the possible impact on the economy, and human and animal health.

Changes to the Compensation for Destroyed Animals Regulations have been published in the Canada Gazette, Part II and posted on the Canada Gazette website, at Copies of the amendment are also available on the CFIA website, at

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