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World Rabies Day

The global community of leading rabies experts strongly believe World Rabies Day will bring awareness to the continuing human deaths caused by rabies. The goal is to raise international consciousness and get funding agencies involved in finding solutions to this disease. Worldwide, rabies claims over 55,000 lives annually and yet is completely preventable.

In May 2007, the World Organisation for Animal Health supported the initiative to declare the 28th of September as World Rabies Day. Through this initiative, awareness and resources will be rallied to a common cause: human rabies prevention, canine rabies elimination and wildlife rabies control.

How to get involved:

Public Health Community:

  • Educate the public on risk of rabies from wildlife.
  • Promote rabies prevention among pet owners and travelers.
  • Promote rabies awareness among clinicians, medical and public health students and school children.

Veterinary Community:

  • Support and promote pet vaccination campaigns.
  • Promote rabies awareness and prevention among veterinarians and veterinary students.


  • Consider including a rabies module as part of your science curriculum.


  • Have your pets vaccinated against rabies.
  • Teach your children about the potential dangers of handling wildlife.

Additional information on rabies can be found at: