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Facilities approved under the Emerald Ash Borer Approved Facilities Compliance Program

August 8, 2011

The following is a list of all CFIA facilities approved under the Emerald Ash Borer Approved Facility Compliance Program (EABAFCP). The EABAFCP has been developed to mitigate the spread of EAB in Canada while facilitating the movement of regulated articles. It is a voluntary, audit-based program focused on domestic movement and importation of regulated articles from the continental United States. Consult the policy directive D-03-08 or with your local CFIA office to determine the suitability of the EABAFCP to the specific operations of your facility.


Facility Name Approved Period of Registration Facility's Address Telephone Commodities produced
Allan Hoover Annual 41797 Huron/Bruce Road, Wingham,
N0G 2W0
  firewood (non ash)
Anson M. Martin Annual 90521 McIntosh Line, Wroxeter,
  firewood (non ash)
B.E. Grein Lumber Ltd.Ltd. Annual 982 Elora Street South, Hwy #9, Clifford,
N0G 1M0
519-327-8782 lumber
Beaver's Quality Firewood Inc. Annual 87 Simcoe Street, Tilsonburg,
N4G 2H7
519-688-5428 firewood (non ash)
Bernie McGlynn Lumber Ltd. October 1 - March 31 1563 Highway #9 RR 5, Mildmay,
N0G 2J0
519-367-5789 lumber, slabwood (non ash)
Bester's Forest Products October 1 - March 31 PO Box 478, Walkerton,
N0G 2V0
519-881-0302 lumber
Calibre Sales Annual 140 Fernstaff Court, Unit 1, Concord,
L4K 3L8
905-660-3603 firewood (non ash)
Cherry Forest / Barco Annual 24 Kerr Crescent RR 3, Guelph,
N1H 6H9
519-763-1466 lumber
David B. Martin Annual 44221 Glenannon Road, Clifford,
N0G 1M0
  firewood (non ash)
Edgewood Lumber (2004) Inc. Annual PO Box 29, 3565 Broadway St., Hawkesville,
N0B 1X0
519-699-4616 lumber, chips
Enoch Weber Annual 90969 Forest Line, Wroxeter,
N0G 2W0
  firewood (non ash)
Erie Flooring and Wood Products Annual 1191 Jane Street, West Lorne,
N0L 2P0
519-768-1200 lumber flooring
Gibbons Logging & Firewood Annual 645 Morrison Road, Frankville,
K0E 1H0
613-275-1634 Lumber, firewood (non ash)
Glen Martin Annual 90934 Gorrie Line, Clifford,
N0G 1M0
  firewood (non ash)
Haldimand Hardwoods Annual 5763 Rainham Road RR 9, Dunnville,
N1A 2W8
905-774-6641 lumber, non ash slabwood
Hanson Lumber Ltd. Annual 1295 Concession Road East, RR 1, Langton,
N0E 1G0
519-875-3302 lumber, non ash slabwood
Hayes Timber October 1 - March 31 RR 1, Wiarton,
N0H 2T0
519-534-2067; chips, mulch
J.H. Keeso & Sons Ltd. Annual 8474 RR 1, Listowel,
N4W 3G6
519-291-4890 lumber, non ash slabwood
Jade Hardwoods Annual 9042 Gordon Road, Thedford,
N0M 1E0
519-296-4978 logs, non ash slabwood
Moses H. Martin Annual 43949 Huran/Bruce Road, Clifford,
N0G 1M0
  firewood (non ash)
Porter Lumber Annual 1441 St. Johns Side Road, Port Dover,
N0A 1N1
519-583-2788 lumber, non ash slabwood
Samuel Weber Annual 90696 Toll Gate Line, Clifford,
N0G 1M0
  firewood (non ash)
Saratoga Annual 37368 Dungannon Road, Auburn,
N0M 1E0
519-529-3138 lumber, non ash slabwood
Scots Canada Annual RR#2 91 Highway 59, Delhi,
N4B 2W5
519-582-3330 chips, mulch
Springwater Mills Ltd. Annual 47493 Southdale Line, St. Thomas,
N5P 3S6
519-773-8137 or 519-773-8391 lumber, non ash slabwood
Superior Firewood Inc. Annual 900 McNabb Street, Sault Ste-Marie,
P6G 6J1
705-254-6767 firewood (non ash)
Thompsons Hardwoods Annual 9017 Widder Road RR 3, Thedford,
N5P 3S6
519-296-4760 lumber, slabwood (non ash)
Townsend Lumber Inc. Annual 1249-50 Jackson Side Road, Tillsonburg,
N4G 4G7
519-842-7381 or 519-842-9467 lumber
Willis Frey Sawmill Annual 6033 Bueheir Line RR #1, Wallenstein,
N0B 2S0
519-698-0283 lumber


Facility Name Approved Period of Registration Facility's Address Telephone Commodities produced
Amex Bois Franc Inc. October 1 - March 31 2515 avenue Vallee, Plessisville,
G6L 2Y7
819-362-8307 lumber
Les Planchers Mercier Inc. October 1 - March 31 1125 rue Rocheleau, Drummondville,
J2C 6L8
819-472-1670 lumber flooring
Maski Inc. October 1 - March 31 50, 10e avenue, Louiseville, J5V 2L6 819-228-8461 lumber
Vexco Inc. October 1 - March 31 289, road 165 south, PO Box 95, Plessisville,
G6L 2Y6
819-362-3233 lumber