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Emerald Ash Borer (EAB): Find the beetle!

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You are the inspector. Can you find the beetle?

find the beetle maze

Life Cycle

  1. Eggs are laid in clusters on bark
  2. Larva hatches and bores into tree
  3. Larva becomes pupa under bark
  4. Adult beetle emerges from tree
life cycle of emerald ash borer


Did you know?

The emerald ash borer:

  • has already killed millions of ash trees in North America
  • probably came into Canada from Asia by hitching a ride on wood packing material
  • is delicious to a woodpecker
  • can lay up to 275 eggs

Crossword Puzzle

Actual Size
8.5 - 14 mm
actual size of the emerald ash borer is 8.5 to 14 millimetres

crossword puzzle



The emerald ash borer munches on ash trees under the bark when it is in this stage of life, before it becomes a pupa. (Hint: look at the life cycle!)


The emerald ash borer is a tasty meal to this bird. (Hint: Look for the answer hidden on this page!)


Typically, in what month does the emerald ash borer begin to emerge from the tree?


Ash wood can be used to make furniture, baseball bats and hockey .



Which continent is the emerald ash borer from? (Hint: Look for the answer hidden on the page!)


The emerald ash borer has been found in this French-speaking province. (Hint: It is also Canada's largest province.)


The emerald ash borer lays these on the bark of ash trees, which eventually hatch larvae. (Hint: Look at the life cycle!)


The emerald ash borer has been found in cities across Ontario, including this city. (Hint: It's Canada's capital!)


What tree species does the emerald ash borer attack?


What colour am I?

Colour the beetle.

colour the beetle

All insects have six legs!

Tell your family not to move firewood.
It is how the beetle spreads!


Answers to the Crossword Puzzle: 1. larva; 2. woodpecker; 3. May; 4. sticks; 5. Asia; 6. Quebec; 7. eggs; 8. Ottawa; 9. Ash