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Today in Charlottetown, the spirit of the Fathers of Confederation is kept alive through actors impersonating the original politicians, the Confederation Players, putting on shows, hosting events, and giving guided walking tours of the city.

Each year the Capital Commission organization hires local actors to portray key members from the 1864 Charlottetown Conference, each with an in-depth knowledge of the delegate they are impersonating and dressed in period costume. These "Fathers" are also accompanied by actresses who play the roles of the wives and acquaintances. Each of the Confederation Players must know their role in the conference as well as the characteristics of their personality and are able to carry on conversations with the public about themselves and the conference while only utilizing accented old-fashioned English.

Besides being capable of conversing with the general public, the modern Fathers and their entourage make speeches from the conference and perform ceremonies, period dances, and songs that are relevant to the era. They also play important roles at major events on Prince Edward Island throughout the year. In 1998 the Confederation Players participated in Old Home Week, the golf Skins game at Crowbush Cove, the Festival of the Fathers, as well as many other activities and events across the Island.

The modern-day Fathers of Confederation play an important part in keeping history alive and informing the public on the Charlottetown Conference. Through the work of the Capital Commission the Charlottetown Conference of 1864 is brought to life each year in the streets of Charlottetown for the enjoyment and benefit of Islanders and tourists alike.

John A. MacDonald
Thomas D'Arcy McGee
Sir Charles Tupper
Sir George-Etienne Cartier

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