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The following selected websites and webpages are devoted to the national superheroes that are featured in Guardians of the North:



Captain Canada (2)
[Sheds some light on the philosophical underpinnings of the character Captain Canada (non-satirical). English only.]

Captain Canuck
[Billed as The Ultimate Captain Canuck Tribute Page, this website explores various facets of Captain Canuck and his publishing history. The site includes an index, a picture gallery, an examination of themes and other features. English only.]

Capitaine Kébec
[Offers a useful summary of Capitaine Kébec's history. It also provides links to other information relating to the history of Quebec comics. French only.]

Fleur de Lys
[Includes an image of the 1995 Fleur de Lys postage stamp. English only.]

Nelvana of the Northern Lights
[Includes an image of the 1995 Nelvana postage stamp. English only.]



Alpha Flight

[These two fan sites offer a wealth of information (including more links) relating to Alpha Flight, Marvel Comics' team of Canadian national superheroes that was originally created by Canadian expatriate John Byrne. English only.]
[A comprehensive index of the various Alpha Flight-related comics. English only.]
[A guide to the career of John Byrne, the Canadian creator of the original Alpha Flight. English only.]

Canadian Liberty League
[This site is devoted to a small-press comic featuring a team of Canadian superheroes. English only.]

Stallion Canuck
[This King Led Comics website offers information about the national superhero Stallion Canuck. English only.]



The websites or webpages that follow provide information about some of the main creators associated with Canada's national superheroes:

Richard Comely
[The CBC Manitoba Video Vault offers a fascinating 1975 television interview with Richard Comely. English only.]

Pierre Fournier
[An excellent summary of Pierre Fournier's distinguished career in Quebec comics. French only.]

George Freeman
[Offers some examples of Freeman's artwork. English only.]

Gabriel Morrissette
[Basic biographical information on Morrissette (and his collaborator Mark Shainblum). English only.]

Mark Shainblum
[Provides a biography as well as numerous examples of Shainblum's writing and information on his various projects. English only.]
[An interesting interview with Northguard's co-creator. English only.]

Ken Steacy
[A Teen Sizzle Magazine interview with Ken Steacy. English only.]



The following websites and webpages explore some of Canada's other, non-national superheroes:

[Devoted to Angloman, the satirical superhero co-created by Mark Shainblum and Gabriel Morrissette. The site includes webcomics, reviews, and other features. English only.]

Commander Steel
[This website devoted to Golden Age comics includes an entry on the Anglo-American superhero Commander Steel. It also offers a sample story. English only.]

The Raven
[Features information on Jay Odjick's The Raven, an Aboriginal superhero. English only.]

Super Shamou
[The world's first Inuit superhero. English only.]



These websites or webpages are useful sources relating to various non-Canadian superheroes:

Super Hero Encyclopedia
[Provides information about a multitude of superheroes – and super-villains. English only.]

The Museum of Black Superheroes
[A variety of resources relating to Black superheroes and Black comics creators. English only.]

The Ring of Superheroes
[Brings together nearly 50 superhero websites. English only.]

Superhero Songs
[An entertaining look at popular songs (including several by Canadian artists) relating to superheroes. English only.]

Through the Years: Women in Comics
[This site explores the world of female superheroes. English only.]



Here are some useful websites or webpages that provide general information (including additional links) pertaining to comics and the history of graphic narrative:

Bande Dessinée
[Links to international comics resources on the Web. Text is in French, but links include English-language sites.]

BD Liens
[Links to various comics-related Web resources. French only.]

BD Québec
[A first-rate guide to Quebec comics. The website is based on Michel Viau's excellent bibliography of Quebec comic art, BDQ: Répertoire des publications de bandes dessinées au Québec (2000). French only.]

Canadian Encyclopedia/L'Encylopédie canadienne [The online version of the encyclopedia contains two articles on Canadian graphic narrative: John Bell's "Comic Books in English Canada" and Craig Lang's "Cartoons and Comic Strips." Bilingual.]

Comic Book Database (CBDB)
[A comics index that currently covers more than 20 000 comic book issues. The CBDB can be searched by character, artist, writer or series. English only.]

Comic Book Resources
[A multitude of comics-related resources, including nearly 2500 different links. English only.]

[Designed to simulate a comic-book convention, this site provides comics news and offers many comics links. English only.]

Comics Avenue
[Provides useful links to a wide variety of international comics websites. Bilingual.]

Comicsgirl: The Female Friendly Guide to Comic Books
[An excellent introduction to women and comics. English only.]

Comics Research Bibliography
[Michael Rhodes and John Bullough's excellent international bibliography of comic books, comic strips, animation, caricature and related subjects. English only.]

The Comics Scholarship Annotated Bibliographies (CSAB)
[Gene Kanneberg's superb annotated guide to book-length comics scholarship. The entries often include reviews. The site covers Canadian comics scholarship. English only.]

European Comics on the Web
[An extensive overview of Web resources relating to European comics. Text is in English, but many of the websites are French-language.]

4-Color Review
[An interesting comics review site. English only.]

Grand Comic Book Database (GCD)
[Another major comics index. The GCD currently covers more than 60 000 comic book issues. English only.]

[An excellent comics webzine. English only.]

The Lambiek Comiclopedia
[An international biographical dictionary of comics artists. English only.]

Sequential Tarts
[A women's webzine focussing on comics. English only.]

The Ultimate Comics Webring
[Provides annotated links to more than 1000 comics websites. English only. ]

Wahoo!: Comic Book Websites
[A well-organized database of comics-related website links. English only.]

We Stand on Guard for Thee
[A derivative history of Canadian comics. Includes a section on Canada Post's Superhero stamps. English only.]

[Numerous annotated links to comic sites. English only.]

The Word Balloon
[A very useful index to interviews (available on the Web) with comics creators (including some Canadians). English only.]

www.bande-dessiné [A guide to European French-language comics. French only.]

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