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Gabriel Morrissette (Northguard)

Gabriel Morrissette was born in Val-d'Or, Quebec, in 1959. In the late 1970s he moved to Montreal, where he attended Concordia University and launched his career as a graphic artist. In 1984, he co-created (with Mark Shainblum) the national superhero Northguard. During the 1980s and 1990s he contributed to a wide range of publications, including the Quebec humour magazines Croc, Safarir and Anormal, and U.S. comic books such as Doc Savage, New Titans and Spiderman 2099.
During this period he also worked in the animation field, contributing to Bob Morane, Arthur and many other series. In 1995, the same year that Morrissette's work was featured in Canada Post's Superheroes/Superhéros stamp issue, he and Mark Shainblum co-created Angloman, a comics narrative that utilized superheroes to satirize the politics of Quebec and Canada. Angloman's adventures appeared in two books, Angloman: Making the World Safe for Apostrophes (1995) and Angloman 2: Money, Ethnics, Superheroes (1996), and, for a time, in a weekly strip that ran in the Montreal Gazette. Currently, Morrissette is active in the animation field and continues to work as an illustrator. He also draws the Daisy Dreamer strip for Chickadee magazine.


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