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Pierre Fournier (Capitaine Kébec)

Pierre Fournier was born in Montreal in 1949. In 1971 he joined the influential Hydrocéphale group, which included many of Quebec's leading creators of comics (la bande dessinée or BD, for short). Fournier and his associates were responsible for the publication of a number of important BD magazines and for the curatorial work on several exhibitions of Quebec's comic art. In 1973 Hydrocéphale published Les Aventures du Capitaine Kébec, which featured the adventures of Fournier's satirical national superhero, Capitaine Kébec. In 1979 Fournier (as a writer) began to collaborate with Réal Godbout on the "Michel Risque" strip in the humour magazine Croc. In 1983 Fournier and Godbout co-created an influential spin-off strip "Red Ketchup" in the BD magazine Titanic.

Godbout and Fournier's strips were subsequently collected in six comics albums: Le savon maléfique (1981), Michel Risque en vacances (1982), Cap sur Poupone (1984), Kamarade Ultra (1988), Red Ketchup contre Red Ketchup (1994) and Red Ketchup s'est échappé! (1994). In 1991 Fournier served as the editor of the short-lived BD magazine Anormal and also worked on several issues of Mad édition Québec (1991-1992). Fournier has also contributed to American and English-Canadian comics and has worked extensively in the Quebec television milieu and in animation. In 1986 he was the founding president of the Association des Créateurs et des Intervenants de la Bande Dessinée (ACIBD). Five years later, his outstanding contributions to comics in Quebec were recognized with the first ACIBD Albert Chartier Award.


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