Special Issue 28: Early Modern Domestic Tragedy (2019)

Edited by Sophie Shorland, Zeidy Canales, Lisa Hopkins, and Daniel Cadman

Table of Contents


Introduction: Domestic Afterlives PDF
Sophie Shorland


‘Let death make amends for all my sins’: (In)Sincere Confessions in Arden of Faversham PDF
Cheryl Birdseye
'Looke in the place where he was wont to sit / See see his blood it is too manifest': Domestic Space and Patriarchal Authority in The Tragedy of Master Arden of Faversham (1592) PDF
Iman Sheeha
‘Scene of the Murder’: Arden of Faversham and Local Performance Cultures PDF
Catherine Richardson
‘Parting is such’: Those Who Stay and Those Who Go in Early Modern Domestic Drama PDF
Ann C. Christensen, Jessica Slights
The Problem of Sin and Crime in Domestic Tragedy PDF
Sandra Clark
Possessed by Trauma: Infamous Narrative in Othello (1603) and A Yorkshire Tragedy (1608) PDF
Sophie Shorland
Writing Ludic Commonplaces for the Early Modern Stage: The Dramatic Adaptation of the Card-Playing Motif in Thomas Heywood’s A Woman Killed With Kindness PDF
Louise Zheng Torine Fang
‘'[T]ween two Currents': The Triumph of Domestic Tragedy in Heywood’s The English Traveller PDF
Ezra Horbury
'Lamentable and True': Remediations of True Crime in Domestic Tragedies PDF
Melissa Rohrer
Adapting True Crime: George Wilkins’s The Miseries of Inforst Marriage, the Tragedy of Wardship, and the Early Modern Court of Wards and Liveries PDF
Jennifer Dawson Kraemer
The Infectious, Alimentary, and Organistic Ecologies of John Ford’s The Broken Heart PDF
Roya Biggie

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