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6 June 2002: The June 2002 issue of Ygdrasil is now available.  
Also, the 1995/1996 on-line issues are now available through the
"Previous on-line issues" section (added to the end of the list).  

June 2002 Issue On-Line May 2002 Issue On-Line
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Notas sobre la poesía hispánica by Jorge Etcheverry

The Second Ygdrasil Spanish Issue

The First Ygdrasil Spanish Issue

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The Poetry, Life & Times' Klaus Gerken Interview

Welcome to Ygdrasil, a Journal of the Poetic Arts. Ygdrasil is dedicated to providing the best in Modern International Poetry and Literature. Ygdrasil is a monthly Publication and welcomes submission from around the world. To submit poetry, short stories or plays, please send an email to the address below. Ygdrasil is also associated with alt.centipede newsgroup, so if you are interested in creating a dialogue with other poets and writers from around the world, or just to post some of your work, please drop in.

Klaus Gerken, EDITOR and Founder

Pedro Sena, Production Editor

Moshe Benarroch, European Editor -- specializing in Hebrew and Spanish submissions

Michael Collings, Contributing Editor

The Forum

Our main avenue of contact, other than email, is where we hang around. We call it the Centipede Cafe, and is available through your newsreader. It is our very own alt.centipede newsgroup.

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Pedro Sena
Production Editor

Pedro has been an avid writer for some time and is one of the original members of our startup group, the "Centipede", our original BBS network, where most of the matters regarding our early editions were discussed. With the development of the Internet, Pedro created a newsgroup, to work as another intermediary, while also adding the same comradship and dedication to quality work that the Centipede used to share in all of its message bases. This newsgroup is alt.centipede. Since then, alt.ygdrasil has been added. The alt.ygdrasil newsgroup is also linked to the RIME Network, where the poetry is also shared with their users. Pedro still spends much of his time adding his insights to the publication and about twice a year adds a complete issue of the Ygdrasil to our library. He has written several screenplays, various plays, short stories, and is at present developing his second novel, along with his duties here with us.

Moshe Benarroch
European Editor

Moshe Benarroch was born in 1959 in Tetuan/Morocco, between Tangier and Gibraltar. He grew up in a mixture of cultures and languages, Spanish being his mother tongue, attending a French school, hearing the Arabic of the streets and praying in Hebrew. In 1972 He emigrated to israel, and lives since then in Jerusalem. Published books in Hebrew: The Immigrant's Lament (poetry) 1994. The Coming Book (prose) 1997. The Bread And The Dream (poetry) 1998. His poems and prose have been published in numerous publications in Israeli literary magazines, and international magazines, recently in Ygdrasil, Perihelion, Miller's Pond, Revue Europe, Emotions, Xero, The Poet's Guild Quarterly, Poetry magazine. His works have been published in hebrew, spanish, french and english. He writes in Hebrew, Spanish and English. He is Ygdrasil's European editor, and has e-published a book in Ygdrasil titled 'Moben's Poems' in English. His first novel 'Benshawen' will be published in 1999. And a book of poems in Spanish will be published by Esquio in Spain.

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Klaus Gerken

Pedro Sena

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