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Black Bile Press
Contact: Matthew Firth, Publisher
Black Bile Press
573 Gainsborough Ave. Ottawa, ON K2A 2Y6

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Interview with Matthew Firth

When did you start publishing? 


Why did you start publishing?

To promote the works of emerging writers

Briefly describe the type of work you publish.

Innovative, quality and cutting edge fiction

Do you accept unsolicited submissions?

Query first please, typically, I approach writers asking if they have a manuscript after becoming familiar with their work, usually after publishing their fiction in Front&Centre, the fiction magazine that I 

How do you decide what to publish?

Time/resources permitting and the stuff written in the previous answer. 

How many chapbooks have you published? (both number of books & volume of books) 

Seven chapbooks.

Any advice for people thinking of starting a small press?

More fiction, the chapbook scene is dominated by poetry, more so in recent years. We need more small small presses doing fiction!

Contact info for queries/catalogue:

Matthew Firth, Publisher
Black Bile Press
573 Gainsborough Ave. Ottawa, ON K2A 2Y6 







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