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Special orders may be placed for any title listed in "Books In Print." Listings cover books published in North America and the United Kingdom. For out-of-print titles we have a special search service. Or you may Search and Order directly online.

The Literascape Setup

In the summer of 1994 Duthie Books launched "The Virtual Bookstore." The site also contained information on Duthie Bookstores and an electronic version of The Reader. The site was located on the server at Wimsey Information Systems (now Istar). In the summer of 1995 the new Literascape site went public on its own server and began to host The Publisher's Showcase and Macneill Library Service, as well as several pages of writer events, awards listings and literary links. Now in its third major revision, the site experiences approximately 500 visitors a day.

The Literascape site uses the SunOS 5.4 / Solaris 2.4 operating system on an Apache HTTP Server. The WWW database engine is the KE Texpress Object Oriented Database System. Pages for this site are created and edited using BBedit The system administrator and technical resource is Wain Dobson. Web Architecture and site maintenance is done by John Maxwell and Tim McLaughlin of Knossopolis Media. Graphic design is by Stephen Gregory. Director of production is Duthie's Marketing Manager Scott Baldwin

Individuals submitting booklists please refer to the Literascape Style Guide.

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