Canadian Tributes
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Acadiens, Les
     -Resilient Settlers of the New World
Astronauts, Canadian
     -On Top of the World
Bluenose & Angus Walters
     -International Sailing Champions
Canoe, The
     -Canonized Cultural Symbol
Casavant, La famille
     -Piping Music Around the World
Cod Fishing Industry, The
     -Feeding the World
Ganong Family, The
     -Chocolatiers to the World
Gold Rushes, Canadian
     -El Dorado Fever
Harlequin Romances
     -Marketing Pulp Fiction Sizzle
Life Insurance Industry, Canada's
    -Exporting an Invisible Giant
NASA, Canada's Gift to
     -The Maple Leaf in Orbit
National Research Council
     -Temple of Science
National Film Board
     -Eyes of Canada
Nile River Expedition
     -Canadian Boatman Challenge the Nile
Nobel Laureates, Canadian
     -Eight Scientific Researchers Who Discovered...
Northern Dancer
     -Monarch of Race and Stud
Peterborough Lift Lock
      -The World's Highest Hydraulic Lift Lock
Québec City
      -Medieval French City of North America
Queen's Plate, The
      -Since 1860...