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History - Cobequit (con't)  

become the only language of instruction only after grade five.


In the village of Cobequid, the English were not capable of deporting any Acadians since they all were refugees either at Saint-Jean Island Louisbourg or Miramichi. The refugees survived until November, at the center of the biggest deprivation. At this time the English had burned all the remaining houses and had organized a general battle throughout the village in order to catch all the Acadians possible. Most Acadians died from exhaustion.

In 1756, French vessels that were passing in the St. Lawrence Gulf brought to Québec, Acadian refugees to Miramichi. In Québec, the winter of 1756-1757 was terrible for the Acadian refugees. Hunger took over the colony.

In Miramichi, the torture was extreme : the quartermaster didn’t send enough supplies for 600 people, the Acadian refugees in this region counted around 3,500. Fishing did not supply enough food for everyone. A great number of refugees died from starvation and deprivation.

The Acadians that lived in Miramichi were separated in two groups ; some were dispersed along the Miramichi Bay up to the Baie des Chaleurs while the majority were refugees along the Ristigouche River, where they fled more in security against the attacks of the English army.

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