Saint-Léon de Westmount
Text: Paul Labonne
Translation: Nathalie Senecal

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This Romanesque style church was built in 1903 by the architect Georges-Alphonse Monette. It was named in honour of Pope Leo the First, who ruled from 440 to 461 A.D. He is remembered both for his courage in defending Rome against the invading Hun armies and for the role he played in reforming the church. St. Leo was responsible for the consolidation of unity and discipline in the church, and he was directly responsible for establishing the dogma of Papal Infallibility.

Guido Nincheri was responsible for the interior decoration of Saint-Léon, including the frescoes, the design of most of the decorative elements of the church and the stained glass windows.

For this commission, Nincheri chose to illustrate scenes from the life of Christ; both his private life, as described in the Epistles, and his public life as portrayed in the Gospels. Here are descriptions of three stained glass windows that are representative of Nincheri's outstanding work at Saint-Léon de Westmount.

The frescoes of Saint-Léon are described in the Fresco section of this website.