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Appendix A - Formative Evaluation of the Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program (CSSP)

Evaluation Questions

The evaluation focused on answering a limited number of key questions that apply to both the program as a whole, as well as to the activities of the individual partner departments. The key questions, described in detail in the Request for Proposal, were re-confirmed with the Joint Evaluation Committee early in the evaluation. In summary, these questions involved:

  1. Success/Achievements:
    1. To what extent has the CSSP met its objective and expected outcomes?
    2. How have unintended results (positive and negative) been addressed?
    3. What are the risks and liabilities associated with the delivery of the CSSP? How effective have program strategies been at mitigating them?
  2. Governance/Rationale:
    1. To what extent is the mandate of the Program consistent with the mandates and roles of the partner departments as well as with current Government of Canada (GOC) priorities?
    2. To what extent is the governance of the Program being delivered in an effective manner?
    3. What are the impacts of the current Program structure on Program delivery and performance?
      1. Are the roles and responsibilities, including authorities, involved in the CSSP clear, well understood and delivered as intended?
      2. What are the major external and internal forces influencing the performance of the CSSP? What changes in Program design/delivery would be required in order to adjust?
      3. Are there any gaps, overlaps, additional players or other considerations that need to be taken into account in the program design and delivery?
  3. Cost-effectiveness/Alternatives:
    1. How cost-effective is the current approach of the CSSP?
    2. What alternative approaches to the current design and delivery of the CSSP would allow the Program to meet its objectives and mandate more effectively? What would the cost implications be?

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