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Livestock Feeds

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) verifies livestock feeds manufactured and sold in Canada or imported are safe, effective and are labelled appropriately. Effective feeds contribute to the production and maintenance of healthy livestock.

CFIA activities include:

  • evaluating and approving ingredients for use in livestock feeds;
  • establishing standards and policies for the exemption of feeds from registration;
  • evaluating and registering specialty products of specific safety or efficacy concern;
  • monitoring feeds for the presence of residues of chemicals, pesticides, contamination by heavy metals, mycotoxins and salmonella and - verifying drug guarantees in feeds;
  • investigating detections of feed related contamination of meat, milk or eggs and producer complaints;
  • reviewing labels of medicated feeds for compliance so that all applicable cautions and warnings are provided for safe use;
  • inspecting commercial feed mills and farms involved in the production of medicated feeds.

The key acts and regulations we enforce are:

Information we provide for feed and ingredient suppliers and the livestock sector includes:

Additional government and industry information can be found at: