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Importing Domestic Dogs

Domestic dogs entering Canada do not have to be quarantined. However, if you are importing a dog, you must meet the following import requirements.

The import requirements apply to pet dogs or those described as personal importations.

They apply to pet dogs entering Canada permanently, as well as pet dogs passing through Canada on their way to a final destination.

Import requirements

Import requirements will vary depending on:

  • the age of the dog;
  • the rabies status of the country of export; and
  • the purpose of the importation.

Importing dogs less than eight (8) months of age

Importing dogs eight (8) months of age or older

There may be additional requirements for dogs that are being imported for breeding or commercial purposes.

  • If you frequently import dogs or import several dogs at once, it may be considered commercial.
  • Commercial shipments are defined by the Canada Border Services Agency as any dog from which revenue may be generated, including breeding dogs that are not for immediate retail sale.
  • Please refer to the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS) for more information.

Additional information

Assistance dogs are exempt from import requirements when the person who is assigned to the dog accompanies it to Canada. This includes dogs certified as vision or hearing dogs.

The province of Ontario does not permit pit bulls to enter the province. For information on Ontario's pit bull ban, visit the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General website.

Other provincial or municipal legislation may also apply. Please check with local authorities before you import a dog.

Dogs may require additional documentation when flying. Please check with your airline to determine whether you meet its requirements.

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