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Veterinary Biologics

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is responsible for regulating veterinary biologics in Canada. This regulatory program forms an integral part of Canada's National Animal Health Program which strives to protect the health of food producing animals, domestic pets, wildlife, and the Canadian public, as well as safeguarding the environment by preventing the introduction and spread of infectious animal diseases.

CFIA activities include:

  • Licensing of veterinary biologics, including: verification of master seeds and pre-licensure product evaluation
  • Licensing of veterinary biologics manufacturing facilities
  • Issuance of import/export permits to Canadian importers/exporters of veterinary biologics
  • Post-licensure monitoring, including:
    • serial release monitoring of veterinary biologics for purity, potency, and safety
    • investigations of consumer complaints
    • inspections of manufacturers and Canadian importers of veterinary biologics
  • Scientific Research in support of regulations
  • Technology development, including collaborative research with industry partners

The key acts and regulations we enforce are:

Information we provide for the general public includes:

Information we provide for industry includes:

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