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Decisions: Bakery, Grain and Cereal Products

Shortbread - Common name

Question: Can the term shortbread used in connection with biscuits & cookies stand on its own as a common name?

Answer:  Yes, the common name "shortbread" should be recognized as a type of biscuit. It has been used in association with biscuits & cookies for many years and has a distinct identity of its own. A common name is defined as what a product is generally known, if it is not defined by regulations.  (signed off August 2004)

Bread - Serving Size

Question: Is it acceptable to declare a serving size for bread as 2 slices (72 grams), even though the suggested serving size for bread is shown in the Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising as 25-60 grams (1 or 2 slices), for the purposes of nutrition labelling?

Answer: Serving size ranges are suggested in Table 6-3 of the Guide. Manufacturers have the option of using serving sizes that differ from the suggestions in the table provided they are reasonable and not misleading. Note that there are very specific requirements for single serving containers, see 6.2.3 of the Guide. The manner in which the serving size is presented must be as per the FDR. For more information, see Section C.1 of the Nutrition Labelling Toolkit. (updated 2006)