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Decisions: Chocolate and Cocoa Products

Chocolate - Cocoa as Flavour

Question: Can "cocoa" be declared as "flavour" at the end of the list of ingredients?

Answer: No, even though cocoa does lend flavour to a product, it must be declared by its prescribed common name, i.e., "cocoa," in descending order of proportion by weight in the list of ingredients. It may not be declared as "flavour" at the end of the list. (AL 15/94)

Chocolate Coated Candy Bars

Question: Can common names such as "chocolate candies", "chocolate bar", etc., as applicable, be used on labels of candies and candy bars that are coated with chocolate or milk chocolate but not solid chocolate throughout?

Answer: No, candies and candy bars coated with chocolate or milk chocolate should not be called "chocolate candies" or "chocolate bars", but can be named "chocolate coated candies" or "chocolate coated bars", as applicable. Only a solid chocolate candy, bar, etc., can be labelled "Chocolate Candy" or "Chocolate Bar". (10/OC/91)

Chocolate Flavoured Coatings

Question: Can a product, such as a cake, be described as being covered with a "chocolate coating", when the coating does not meet the standards for chocolate (B.04.004, B.04.008, B.04.009 of the Food and Drug Regulations)?

Answer: No, this is not permitted since the coating is likely to be mistaken for real chocolate but does not comply with the standards for chocolate, sweet chocolate, or milk chocolate. The coating could be called "chocolate flavoured coating", "chocolaty coating", etc.

The unqualified term "chocolate" may only be used when the chocolate portion (e.g., coating, chips, chunks, or the entire food) is not likely to be mistaken for real chocolate. To illustrate, (chocolate) icing or frosting on a cake is not usually mistaken for real chocolate as its texture differs from that of real chocolate. It may be called "chocolate frosting". However, a garnish of (chocolate) shavings on top of the icing might look like real shaved chocolate. If a description such as "with chocolate shavings" is used on the label, the shavings must be real chocolate. (26/NO/91)