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Decisions: Iron

Iron - Common Name in Ingredient List

Question: How should the mineral nutrient "iron" be declared in the list of ingredients when it has been added to a food?

Answer: The term "iron" alone is sufficient to represent iron (in reduced, carbonyl, or electrolytic form) in the list of ingredients of a food. The terms "reduced", "carbonyl" and "electrolytic" represent processes only, and are not considered part of the common name of the mineral nutrient.

Furthermore, the words "reduced iron" are discouraged from being used in the ingredient list. Some consumers can become confused by this terminology. They may get the impression that the food is reduced in iron, which may have serious consequences for those who suffer from hemochromatosis and must avoid excess iron. (18/Feb/93; 16/Apr/93)

Fortification of foods (except flour as an ingredient), triggers a Nutrition Facts table on foods otherwise exempted under B.01.401. (updated 2006)